Q: What’s content marketing?

A: Content marketing helps establish or improve your business' value. Whether you’re a product or service, you have the opportunity to create and produce content that shows you’re a trusted, established, forward-thinking business that’s open to interacting with your customers.

Q: Give me an example of content marketing.

A: Sure! Let’s see, there are blogs, social media conversations or posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, apps and slide shows. And much more. Basically, it’s marketing that’s not directly selling. Rather, it’s offering educational information or a unique perspective on a product or industry. The Content Marketing Institute is a great resource for getting a better idea about what it’s all about.

Q: So what’s not content marketing?

A: Print ads in magazines or newspapers, paid advertising on social media, billboards and radio ads. A good way to think about it is if you’re selling, it’s not content marketing. If you’re engaging with your existing or potential customers, it is content marketing.

Q: What's a marketing mix?

A: Boiled down, it’s all the tactics a business has in its control to influence customers to visit their store or website, and to purchase a product or service. We’re talking websites, social media profiles, apps, videos, landing pages, print fliers, tchotchkes like branded pens, calendars, notebooks or magnets for the side of a car. There are so many options to include in a marketing mix; the secret is to getting the right mix that reaches your customers where they are.

Q: How can you help with that?

A: I can help you tackle the digital content. The key thing to remember about digital marketing is that your customers live online now, so you need to be there when they search for you. According to Google, there are more than 100 billion searches. Every. Single. Month. By establishing and artfully maintaining your online presence, you’ll be there for your customers.

If you’ve ever tried to do that on your own, you know it’s a challenge to keep everything organized and up-and-running. With my 7+ years of marketing experience, I can help you develop a goal-oriented marketing strategy. I can also show you how to use marketing automation and how to set up templates that work for you and your team

Q: What’s the deal with social media marketing? Is it all fluff?

A: I’ve heard that. There’s some mixed feelings about social media marketing, especially when it comes to paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I can tell you it’s not all fluff. Social media should be a part of your marketing strategy, whether you’re a one man show or generate $100 million in revenue each year. Your business' brand, like your personal reputation, is priceless. Social media allows you to grab control of your brand in a space where your customers will talk about you - whether you like it or not.

Q: What do you know about marketing automation?

A: Marketing automation refers to tools that helps make your marketing efforts more efficient and well, automatic. Examples of the tools you can use include Hootsuite (so you don’t have to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and/or Instagram throughout the day), MailChimp (so you’re not responding to each customer email one-by-one) and countless customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Marketing automation can help you be proactive instead of reactive. I can help you determine which one, if any, is right for your business.

Q: I have more questions about my marketing strategy. How can we get in touch?

A: Give me a shout! My contact information can be found here